Friday, January 15, 2010

Feel and enjoy your beauty

Through much cajoling I've finally decided to "take the pain" and try to implement and use Facebook for the Zannedelion business. I really do love learning new things, but hate that feeling of being an idiot that's always there up until you "get it". And though I'm far from feeling I've achieved anything close to "getting it" with Facebook, I discovered a very cool thing that I didn't expect - I'm learning who my customers are. I see all your beautiful faces now! And it really does inspire me, I feel more like we're friends. And that, re-enforces what inspired me to do this jewelry thing in the first place - to be a part of making you feel and enjoy your beauty! If you're like me, getting to wear a fun piece of jewelry always makes me feel great. It kind of reminds me of Christmas - putting the ornaments on the beautiful tree nature made for us.

Another confession is that I know the "blog" thing is very important to business but I wasn't particularly inspired to write in it a lot, because other than letting you know about new designs or sales we were running, I didn't know what to say. But look out! Now I do because I feel like I know you better and want to share things with you that might add to your life quality.

I've observed that most of us are around the same age. And if you're experiencing anything like I am, aging has introduced some challenges I wasn't prepared for.

Part of what makes you feel and enjoy your beauty is to feel good physically. And I wanted to share with you some discoveries I've made recently in that regard. I've been on this health kick lately because as I'm getting older, I'm also fighting weight gain that comes with the slower metabolism of aging. I know some of my younger customers won't believe this can happen (I didn't) - but enjoy while you can!

ANYWAY…...The word of the day is "fiber". Lots and lots of it. I first learned about it from the site that has a lot of great recipes for cooking healthier and then through a little bit of exploring on the subject, I found a great explanation from I'll just give you the gist of it and you can take it from there if you're interested. I'll give you the links at the end here.

What fiber does for you is help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease, colon cancer, high blood sugar, diabetes - on and on and on - and last but not least, makes you feel good. When you eat fiber it passes through the digestive track undigested so…you don't get the calories from it because you don't digest it! How cool is that! PLUS….It fills you up so you don't overeat.

They say you need 30-40 grams a day and that most people only get 10. So you've gotta work at it. I started doing some gram counting and it is a challenge. But there are some great foods that are loaded with it and if you just get in the habit of making sure it's part of every meal you can pull it off without feeling like you have to eat a mountain of food to. The bellaonline article has a listing of those foods like avocado - woohoo! - apples, black beans and raspberries. So check out the list. Also, I got a bag of flax seed that you can take with water or juice or mix in with stuff like cereal or soup and you don't even notice it. Bran cereal, of course. The article recommends that you build up to the needed amount of grams - not sure why - and the flax seed package says to be sure and drink a lot of water.

It's a definite all around win that will help you feel and enjoy your beauty. Love, Zanny